Top cooking games for girls

QuicklyQuickly match the food on the counter and serve the customers, or the food coming from the food factory will land on the ground.

wonderful ice creamPreparing ice-cream cups in the scorching hot summer. It's nice to have a richly decorated fruit ice cream after a good lunch during summer.

Kitchenware Preparing pizza al tonno. You see, how easy cooking is? Make some delicious homemade pizza with various toppings. Pizza is a very popular food all around the world.

Aple CakeApple cake, my dad's favourite dessert! Take 6 beautiful apples, 4 eggs, a little orange juice, peanuts, and of course flour. You can find the exact recipe in the game manual.

Clever ChefKitchen basic's! Light the fire, put a pot on the stove, pour some water into it… practice basic steps as fast as possible, as time matters!

Taco SaladRich Taco salad, is a delicious Mexican specialty. First you need to peel the onions, then start slicing the vegetables, the salad, paprika and tomatoes. Done!

Grilled chickenGrilled chicken salad with a big pile of fruits. That sounds very promising! Cook something delicious for your friends. Free cooking game for kids.