Top cooking games for girls

Lunchbox I am always hungry in the school. I'm sure because of the too much studying.

Cake barTwo kinds of cakes are very popular in your café: the traditional chocolate cake and the hazelnut and caramel cake.

Papa's TacoThere are some national dishes that are popular all around the world, such as tacos.

Delicious pizzaPizza is a delicious and filling food, and you can prepare it in a lot of ways. It is best if you make the dough yourself too.

You can buy a lot of delicious foods at the airport buffet, like sandwiches, cookies and drinks.

Cockail BarOn hot summer days fruity-icy freshening drinks are very popular on the beach.

cherryDelicious cherry delicacy, make it according to the recipe and bake it for real with your mom on the weekend.

Fish TacosMexican cuisine is very delicious and has many fans around the world, the taco is one of the most popular of its foods.

QuicklyQuickly match the food on the counter and serve the customers, or the food coming from the food factory will land on the ground.

Kitchenware Preparing pizza al tonno. You see, how easy cooking is? Make some delicious homemade pizza with various toppings. Pizza is a very popular food all around the world.

Clever ChefKitchen basic's! Light the fire, put a pot on the stove, pour some water into it… practice basic steps as fast as possible, as time matters!

Grilled chickenGrilled chicken salad with a big pile of fruits. That sounds very promising! Cook something delicious for your friends. Free cooking game for kids.

RaffaelloEveryone loves Raffaello. Now you can learn how to prepare it easily and quickly.

Burger AcademyAs a first step, we should collect the tools we need for preparing the sandwiches.

Home made ice creamThere is nothing more delicious than home made ice cream, it is much better than what you can buy in the store or on the street. And you know why? Because you make it yourself.

Chocolate torteLet's make a delicious chocolate cake, you have to collect the ingredients from the list on the right from the kitchen first.

Waitress gameVery reality-like waiter game for children - take the orders and bring the customers the foods and drinks they ask for.

Restaurant Though you only have three tables at your restaurant, a lot of hungry people come by, just be prepared to serve everybody.

Wedding cakeBaking a wedding cake is not such a small task after all, but it is good fun, you just need a little practice.

Banana dessertGather the ingredients and tools you need for making the cookie, if you are ready the cooking can begin.

wonderful ice creamPreparing ice-cream cups in the scorching hot summer. It's nice to have a richly decorated fruit ice cream after a good lunch during summer.

Aple CakeApple cake, my dad's favourite dessert! Take 6 beautiful apples, 4 eggs, a little orange juice, peanuts, and of course flour. You can find the exact recipe in the game manual.

Taco SaladRich Taco salad, is a delicious Mexican specialty. First you need to peel the onions, then start slicing the vegetables, the salad, paprika and tomatoes. Done!

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